When starting your online or offline business it is crucial that your website is as appropriate as possible for both your existing customers and potential customers. However, many people find the web design and development process overwhelming. This is understandable when you consider the ongoing maintenance required to ensure that your website is functioning at 100% capacity at all times.

Synchub Digital have an outstanding web design and development team who will ensure that your website’s design is both visually appealing to your customers as well as seamlessly simple for you to manage behind the scenes.


If you’re looking for a new website or to refresh an existing website then we can help, Synchub Digital can take care of everything from start to finish and ensure that you end up with not only a great looking website design but a website that functions across multiple modern browser types as well as mobile and tablet devices.
The first step to building a new website is to create the visual identity. We capture your brand identity, company ethos and core business values and goals to create a design visual which both you and your customers will love.
The initial appearance and user experience of any website is probably the most important aspect of the design. Research shows that 93% of website visitors associate the quality of your product(s) or service with the quality of your website.
If your website takes forever to load or is difficult to navigate, your visitors will quickly move on and visit your competitors instead. In the same way as a physical shop or reception, your website needs to be easy to access, tidy and attractive.

``Great web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine.``


All of our projects are quoted according to the scope of the job, not by an hourly rate. We are transparent with our prices upfront to make sure you know exactly what things will cost before we start.
Our web design and development services are more than affordable with prices starting from as little as RM999 for a fully developed single page (scroller) website.
If you are looking for a brand new website or to refresh an existing website then Synchub Digital offers everything you need to get the job done.


Synchub Digital are professionals in the web design and development business. We are committed to delivering only the very best digital design experiences.
We have a set of standards that highlight our expertise across the digital design space and go above and beyond to produce results which you will love and which meet your business needs. We appreciate that a website design project can be a very personal endeavour no matter how big or small your organisation is.
Your website is a reflection of you, your business, your products and/or services and we never want you to feel pushed into making decisions that you are not fully happy or comfortable with. That’s why we always ask the question… “Does this work for you?”


Totally your own, totally bespoke. We can create custom online experiences that reflect you and your unique business.
With no design limitations to work within, we will start with a wireframe and plan out the customer journey through your website. Once finalised we will then create complete bespoke website visuals (flat, static designs).
We present these using an online tool that allows us to demo the visuals to you as a working prototype. We will listen to any feedback and work closely with you amending and reproofing accordingly until you are happy with the final design (look and feel) of the website.
Once finalised, our developers will begin turning those visuals into a fully working and responsive website.

From RM999

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